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Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI

Our Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDi was purchased in 2016 and provides incresed safety and comfort.

Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI

Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 CDI was purchased in 2012 and provides increased safety and comfort.

Year: 2012
Seats: 20+1
Comfort: adjustable seats

Renault Trafic

Year: 2014
Seats: 8+1
Comfort: adjustable seats

Ideal for private transfers on route Cluj-Napoca – Budapest airport and return for families who would like to travel separately from our regular passenger transport.

Our minibuses are ideal for Airport Transfer where additional space for people and/or luggage is required.

Our fleet of modern minibuses seat up to 15 and 20 people comfortably and offer an ideal solution for large groups when you want to transport a group of people cost effectively, in comfort and in safety. We also have a car with 6+1 and 8+1 seats, ideal for transportation of a minigrup or a family journey.

For prices please contact us on telephone or email.

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